Carver H.S. teacher's car stolen, burned

Muriel Peck's anniversary present is now a crime scene. Someone stole and burned her car.
Muriel Peck's anniversary present is now a crime scene. Someone stole and burned her car.

Written by: Sally Pitts - bio | email
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A Montgomery school teacher wants to know who stole her car from the parking lot of Carver High School and why they burned it. The incident happened Monday afternoon.

Police recovered Muriel Peck's silver Mazda sedan in what looked like pretty good condition. There were no outward signs of damage, but by looking past the tinted windows and opened doors one can see a whole different story. The inside was torched. Seats, plastics, steering wheel and trim were melted into a blackened blob.

"I am devastated," Peck said when she learned of the news. "Next to my husband and my children, it's my baby. As a matter of fact, that was my nickname for it. I called it "baby"."

Peck knew something wasn't right after classes ended Monday because she couldn't find her car keys. "The night security guard asked me, "Have you checked your car?" and when I walked out to the parking lot the first thing I noticed was the car was gone," the teacher of more than 20 years said. She believes a student may have taken her keys.

She alerted police immediately and got the call from detectives later that night. "I was excited," she explained. Then she heard the word "but"."

"I hope they're caught," the victim said of the thief and arsonist. She isn't missing an opportunity to give a lecture to whoever that person is. "I would tell them that they need to find God...they're doing the work of the devil. The devil plays with fire."

When contacted, the Montgomery Public School System issued this statement:

It is unfortunate that the theft of an automobile at Carver High School was not caught on videotape. Montgomery Police and school security personnel are working together to identify the person or persons responsible for the theft. In order to assist in the security of our buildings, students and staff, no other information on school security practices will be made available.

Peck's car was silver for a reason. Her husband purchased it for his wife on their Silver Anniversary. They'd paid it off just a month ago.

If you have any information that can help police with this case, call CrimeStoppers at 215-STOP.

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