High school football fans get first taste of fee increase

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Just ask some fans how they feel about a parking increase at Cramton Bowl and they'll tell you.

"It doesn't matter about the extra dollar. We don't care about the extra dollar...as long as we're in here with JD!"

While most folks say they don't mind the extra money, others will tell you even a dollar makes a difference these days.

"It's kinda rough on the pocketbook, but you have to stretch, make your dollar stretch," says Joyce Purdue.

City leaders increased the parking fees for high school games from $2 dollars to $3.

They also raised it for college games, from $2 dollars to $5.

But most fans say they'll pay whatever they have to just to see their children and friends play ball.

"It's kinda hard, but it's for the children," adds Purdue.

The first night back on the field always brings excitement.  From the band to the cheerleaders, fans say it's time for football.

"I haven't been out here in a while, since last year, so I'm just glad to be back," says one student.

"I'm a big football fan. Just glad it's here," adds Darren Horne.

Horne has been waiting all year to see his son take the field, no matter what it costs.

"It's a sacrifice, but it's a great sacrifice," he says.

But not everyone got that chance. Montgomery police officers turned some fans away for improper clothing--saying they didn't meet Montgomery Public School requirements for after school activities.

One fan says she didn't get the memo.

"They said they put something in the school books, but I'm grown, I'm not in school no more, so how am I going to know about the policy? I just think it's not fair," says Tequira Porter.

Some of the Montgomery Police officers said anyone wearing pants with holes in them or shorts that were more than three inches above the knee weren't let in.

WSFA 12 News talked to Montgomery Public School officials and they are looking into the dress code.

They say it may not even be something they're enforcing anymore, but couldn't comment for sure.

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