Five AU coaches volunteer for Get 10 PSAs

AUBURN, AL - Five Auburn Head Coaches recently volunteered their time to deliver a public service message about emergency preparedness to citizens throughout Alabama and the Southeast.

Head Football Coach Gene Chizik, Men's Basketball Coach Tony Barbee, Women's Basketball Coach Nell Fortner, Head Baseball Coach John Pawlowski and Swimming and Diving Head Coach Brett Hawke teamed up with the Alabama Department of Public Health to shoot a series of "get10" emergency preparedness commercials. The messages urge Alabamians to prepare in case of emergencies, especially during hurricane season.

"I think this is just another example of how this athletics department is really pulling together and hitting on all cylinders right now," Chizik said. "We all support each other, and we felt this was an important cause to support not just for the Auburn family but for all Alabamians."

Barbee said giving his time for the project was a chance to connect with Alabamians and to communicate an important message.

"Our team work as coaches extends beyond just the office, into recruiting and even community partnerships like get10," Barbee said. "We want to help each other succeed in all areas of our programs and in any way we can."

The series of commercials focuses on the "get10" campaign for emergency preparedness. The program urges citizens to always have 10 essential items needed in case of emergencies, especially during hurricane season. The fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast, is next week.

"It's obviously something that affected this area and is of great importance to our fan base," Fortner said. "We're all glad to be a part of this partnership in education and hope that the Auburn faithful and all Alabamians will hear the message and prepare their loved ones for the next time we encounter that type of disaster."

"This program is all about trying to bring the idea of being ready for the event of an emergency to the forefront so our citizens are prepared to best care for and protect their loved ones," said Kathie Blaze, public information coordinator for the Emergency Preparedness Division of the Alabama Department of Public Health. "We're so appreciative of these five coaches for volunteering their time for such a good cause."

The Alabama Department of Public Health suggests that fans gather these 10 essential items to prepare themselves for the event of such emergencies: water, food, can opener, medications, first aid, flashlight, radio, clothes, personal care items and important documents. For more information on the get10 program, visit