New Health Care Center Coming To Montgomery

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The stage is set for the official announcement on the corner of Cherry and Putnam Streets in mid-Montgomery, a two story high, $15 million River Region Health Center in the shadow of Jackson Hospital.

"It's been long overdue," said Health Services Chief Executive Officer Bernell Mapp.

The new center will replace the Lister Hill Health Center on Adams Avenue.

Veteran employee Wanda Harden can't wait to move in.

"This will ease our overcrowding situation," said Harden is the Pediatric Coordinator for Lister Hill.

Mapp says Lister Hill has served its time. It was built in the late '60s. The River Region Health Center went from the planning and talking stages to reality courtesy of federal stimulus money.

Mapp says Montgomery city leaders pitched in $1.5 million while the county government forked over $1 million.

Bernall Mapp says people with chronic illnesses such as Hepatitis often clog up hospital emergency rooms. Mapp is counting on the new center alleviate those concerns.

Around 10,000 patients visit the Lister Hill facility every year. That number is expected to shoot up to 20,000 once the new center is built.

"This will be a 50,000 square feet building," said Mapp.

And there's an added bonus; new jobs. Right now 40 people work at Lister Hill. Those positions will transfer but 25 more will be added.

Construction crews begin moving dirt in October.

The groundbreaking ceremony is set for Tuesday mornng at 9 at the construction site.

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