Montgomery police officer resigns after high speed chase arrest

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GREENVILLE, AL (WSFA) - A Montgomery police officer has resigned after being arrested following a high speed chase on a motorcycle.

The chase started on I-65 near Greenville with reports of two bikers driving recklessly and speeding.

When pursued, the two sped away.

They traveled at high speed for more than 30 miles across two counties before being caught.

"We heard a pursuit go out that was initiated by Greenville PD," says Lowndes County Sheriff's Deputy, Al Cox.

Deputies charged Mark McKenzie and Randall Copeland with speeding, reckless endangerment and attempting to elude an officer.

The chase began with a 911 call from a motorist just south of Greenville.

A Greenville police officer tried to catch them, clocking the bikes at speeds of 90 and 115 miles per hour.

"Before he got to them, he turned his lights on, and his siren, to let them know look I want you guys to stop," says Greenville Police Chief Lonzo Ingram.

Greenville police officers followed the men up I-65, but soon realized it was too dangerous to continue the pursuit.  The officers stopped the chase at a rest area and the motorcyclists got away.  But it wasn't long before Lowndes County Sheriff's Deputies were hot on the trail.

"I had pulled into the Chevron station at the Fort Deposit exit just off I-65.  Just before I started fueling these two motorcycles, these sport bikes pulled in," says Cox.

Cox got in his car and went after them, catching them 10 miles up the road at a Marathon station in Letohatchee.

Him and other motorists were surprised to learn McKenzie was a Montgomery police officer.

"He had no reason to be doing it," says Cox.

"That is insane," says Jana Thorn, a motorist driving on I-65.

"They're supposed to be protecting us," says another motorist.

This isn't McKenzie's first brush with the law.

A few months ago, authorities investigated him for allegedly firing shots in the air at a pub in Millbrook.

"Oh, he resigned?  That's good.  He should resign," says one motorist.

"I'm glad to see anybody driving and behaving that way off the streets," adds Thorn.

Montgomery police immediately accepted McKenzie's resignation.

He and Copeland will be moved to the Greenville Police Department where they will face the same kinds of charges made in Lowndes County and possibly more.

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