Friends and family mourn loss of slain farmer

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MACON COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - "I saw him several times a week. When I was 14, I had a little 125 motorcycle that I could ride to his store and I would go up there and get a coke. So, I'd sit at his store and hang out with Mr. Richard," says Dub Morris.

Morris has only fond memories of a person he says was the cream of the crop.

"A day with him in it was a better day."

Morris grew up on a farm right down the road from Richard Carr--the man Macon County Sheriff David Warren says was shot and killed Friday night at his home off County Road 13--just outside Shorter.

"He actually helped me on my first business. When I was in second grade, I sold suckers to my classmates, and he was my supplier," says Morris.

Morris says Carr never met a stranger.

"He was liked by everybody that I knew. He was a positive person in the community."

Folks like James Sullen agree.

He's the pastor of a church right across the street from Carr's house, and a routine recipient of Carr's generosity.

"Some of the trees blew down in our graveyard, and he came with his truck and cut it and hauled it away," says Sullen.

That's why friends and loved ones can't understand why he's gone.

"There's not necessarily a whole lot of good people left in the world. I don't know why you'd take out another one," says Morris.

"It's just a loss...unreplacable," says Sullen.

Now, they're just hanging on to what really matters.

"I think about my memories with him. I just want to smile...they're so good," says Morris.

They're hoping the community learns a lesson after losing one of its own.

"Everything happens for a reason, but I truly think somewhere, somehow, this is going to better our community and we're all coming together and work harder together," says Sullen.

The two men say Carr was the person everybody ran to when they had nowhere else to go. He would help people find jobs, or even make house payments.

Authorities say the don't have many details in the case, and now need the community's help to track down a suspect.

The Macon County Sheriff's Office along with the Alabama Bureau of Investigation are working the case. If you have any information that could help, you're asked to call the sheriff office's secret witness hotline at 334-727-6300.

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