Montgomery residents react to government spending

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – President Barack Obama is working on the nation's struggling economy.

At a speech in Wisconsin Monday he laid out plans for $50 billion in government spending for public works projects just a part of a larger recovery plan.

It's a plan some Montgomery residents say they're cautious about.

Millions of Americans had the day off but, President Obama was working, announcing his latest plan to jump start the economy.

News some Montgomery residents are glad to hear.

"He's the President of the United States and he is doing whatever he feels is necessary to get this economy going, sometimes you may not like the decisions that he makes but as long as he believes what he is doing is right I agree with him," says Thelonious Burden.

The president's plan put emphasis on transportation projects roads, railways, and airports.

It's an investment of $50-billion over six years.

"$50 billion for infrastructure, if it's truly for infrastructure I'm for it," says Eugenia Truman.

Today's plan is only part of the president's larger economic recovery package Mr. Obama will unveil Wednesday.

It's designed to create long term jobs for Americans but some view his plan with some skepticism.

"I guess the difference between a thirties situation where you had a true economic collapse and a modern situation of is it honestly necessary for this much federal money to be spent," says Daniel Parkhurst.

"If somebody is trying to help me to get back into that mainstream of working regardless of whatever the work may be whether it's flipping a burger or flipping a fence it doesn't matter as long as I'm working and doing something to be productive for my country and my people," says Burden.

The president wants to see 15 thousand miles of roads rebuilt, construct 4 thousand miles of railway and reconstruct around 150 miles of airport runways.

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