Highland Home Teacher a Class Act

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Highland Home, AL (WSFA) -  For some students history might be one of those classes where you're fighting to stay awake, but not in Mr. Doug Norman's class at Highland Home School.    "If they see you're not having fun they will just go to sleep," Norman said.   "If you can keep them entertained then you have their attention, and if they're having fun they are learning."

It wasn't too long ago Mr. Norman sat in these chairs.  "It was good to me when I was a student so I'm just trying to repay it."  And when it comes to being a member of the Flying Squadron,  Mr. Norman says it's a family tradition.    "My mother is retired after teaching here 38 years.  My sister Ms. Elliot teaches 6th grade here, my uncle, aunt, and cousins, they all teach."

He's making some history of his own.   A true leader in the classroom and  this week's Class Act.

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