County Road 12: Unique Dairy in Slocomb

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Slocomb, AL (WSFA) - A dairy farm in Alabama isn't unusual, but there is something different about one piece of property in Slocomb.   "We milk about 400 cows and have about 500 acres here," said Jonny de Jong with the Working Cows Dairy.  This is Alabama's first certified organic dairy.

"We produce from our heart," said dairy owner Jan de Jong.   "We know there are no chemicals whatsoever in there."    It's been quite a ride for the de Jong's.   Around 25-years ago Jan de Jong and his wife left their homeland in the Netherlands and moved to the South.   "I've been around dairy all my life, I was born between the cows."   5 years ago they made a big change, going from a traditional dairy to an organic one.    "It's not co-mangled with different dairies so you get the best product around," said Jan's wife Rinske de Jong.

Jonny de Jong has been working here since he was a little boy.    He takes a lot of pride in his parents business.     "We don't use any synthetics or hormone boosters we actually use garlic to treat illnesses," said Jonny.    "We don't use any commercial fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide.    And we use a low temperature pasteurization that way the good bacteria stays in the milk and the bad stuff gets out."

Running a dairy like this isn't cheap.   The de Jong's bottle their own "Alabama's Organic Milk" and have all the high tech machinery needed to run the operation.   Jan de Jong says they've faced some hard economic times in the last few years, and even though they are deep in debt their hoping to turn the corner with a product that's unique in our state.

You can find their "Alabama's Organic Milk" at several locations in our viewing area including Healthwise on the Atlanta Highway in Montgomery and Earthfare in Auburn.   For more on their product and where you can find it check out their website at:

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