Ala. roadways see drop in Labor Day weekend fatalities

MONTGOMERY, AL – The number of highway fatalities in Alabama over the Labor Day weekend this year was four, which is significantly lower than recent years said Governor Riley's office.

During the Labor Day weekend holiday in 2005, the number of fatalities involving accidents worked by State Troopers was nine.  In 2006 that number was 11.  For 2007, the number of fatalities was seven.  For both 2008 and 2009, the number was eight.

Governor Bob Riley and Public Safety Director Col. J. Christopher Murphy commended drivers and law enforcement for making Alabama's highways safer over the holiday weekend.

"The progress we continue making on highway safety is phenomenal," said Governor Riley.  "Motorists are getting the message about driving safely and law enforcement is engaging in smart enforcement efforts targeted at the most dangerous driving behaviors."

Col. Murphy said this past Labor Day weekend State Troopers were on increased patrols and deployed BAT Mobiles to nine parts of the state considered DUI "hot spots."  BAT Mobiles are specialized vehicles with breath alcohol testing equipment.

"Impaired drivers are the most dangerous drivers, and with BAT Mobiles we're able to quickly get these drivers off our roads and behind bars where they need to be," said Col. Murphy.

Governor Riley and Col. Murphy announced last week that the number of deaths in crashes worked by State Troopers has declined for four consecutive years, from a high of 828 in 2006 to 541 in 2009.  As of the end of August, the number of those fatalities was down to 349 in 2010.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Governor Riley's Press Office