Editorial: 9/11 Memories

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Saturday will mark nine years since the terrorist attacks on America.

I still vividly remember my brother, a doctor, awaiting patients at the hospital nearest the twin towers, patients who never came.

Take time Saturday amid children's activities and football festivities to pause and reflect how you felt that day.  Take time to appreciate how special it is to live in America.

The surge of patriotism felt by so many on 9/11/01 needs to be showcased more readily all the time.

When you attend your next sporting event and our national anthem is being played, pay closer attention and fully comprehend the meaning behind the words more and encourage all around you to do the same.

The land of the free and the home of the brave closes all four stanzas of the anthem.

When you next come in contact with a war veteran, say thank you.

When your friends and work colleagues complain to you about ills in our country, reflect how special it is that they can do that openly – and help do something about them.

Don't take what we have for granted and we will remain the United States of America.

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