Tractor-trailer parking has some concerned for neighborhood image

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Visit shopping centers on the Southern Boulevard and you'll see signs with clear messages for truck drivers to keep off their parking lots.

"Properties aren't designed for that type of traffic in the parking areas," says Jay Tidwell with Moore Property Management.

Tidwell manages the Capitol Plaza shopping center where a bright yellow sign stands at the entrance saying 18-wheelers aren't allowed.

"We do have problems with truckers parking, and that's why we post signs on the property. Ya know, that don't allow 18-wheelers to park."

Tidwell says not only do the trucks destroy the lot's asphalt, but they block businesses, too.

In fact, even while our news crews were there, he confronted a driver parked only yards from the sign.

"He said he was just making a delivery," says Tidwell.

The area is Montgomery City Councilman David Burkette's district.

He says some residents believe the trucks parked in the empty lots hurt the area's image despite efforts to keep them out.

"Even right now, there's trucks on the lot," he says at the empty Food World store on the Southern Boulevard.

Truck drivers say when they get close to the end of their shift, they have to stop, or else they'll get in trouble with their employers. But what happens when the truck stops are full for the night?

"You'll park anywhere because you got to," says driver, Greg Hunt.

He wishes property owners were a little more considerate.

"Most of these people don't think what comes in their store, a truck brings it. And if we can't park when we have to, we can't bring nothing."

Councilman Burkette says most of the responsibility falls on the individual property owner. He wants to make sure any owner posting a sign in their lot enforces the rule. If they don't, he'll consider proposing a city ordinance which could include fining the property owner.

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