Fans use football game sign to lure GE plant

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NEW SITE, AL (WSFA) - Perhaps it's just meant to be, or at least some folks hope so, that New Site, Alabama would be just that for the new GE Aviation plant.

"The morale would change from being very pessimistic to optimistic," says Kim Vickers.

Ever since the Russell Corporation plant in Tallapoosa County closed, folks across the county have been waiting for something else to take its place.

"Many of them still are without work, and still cannot find anything because there's nothing here in Tallapoosa County," says Vickers, whose family members used to work at Russell Corp.

GE hasn't picked a location for its $40-million dollar plant.

"We would really need GE to come in and help us out," says Tony Harris, a Tallapoosa County resident.

But these hopefuls are making their town known with a sign at Horseshoe Bend School's Friday night football game.  It reads: "Tallapoosa County and Horseshoe School love GE Aviation."

"It would boost this community and give us life again," adds Harris.

Pictures of the sign surrounded by cheerleaders and community leaders will be part of a portfolio shown to GE executives.

"We went to buy the paint and rolled it out," says Joanie Railey.

She's a cheerleader for Horseshoe Bend School, and helped make the sign.

At 17 years old, she's just as anxious for her community to land GE.

"We're the generation that's going to be looking for jobs. Some of us in this area are going to stay and be looking for jobs that this business may have to offer."

Included in the portfolio are letters, and notes from kids urging GE to look at their county.

Right now, executives are considering Tallapoosa, Lee, Macon and Tuscaloosa counties. A decision is expected within 90 days.

Tallapoosa County officials expect to meet with GE executives next week.

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