Ozark Teacher a Class Act

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Ozark, AL (WSFA) - A lot of teachers bounce around from school to school, but not Tracy Hawkins.   She's been teaching for 16 years and spent every one of them at D. A. Smith Middle School in Ozark.     "This is where I started and I've really liked it so I stayed," Hawkins said.

She knew early on what she wanted to do.     "My 4th grade math teacher inspired me.  I struggled in math and she helped me so I decided that's what I want to do."

School leaders say she's with them every step of the way.  "She sets  high expectations for them and what makes it awesome is she supports them through the process," said principal Christopher Blair.   "With before and after school tutoring she does whatever it takes to help the kids learn."

She might be a math teacher, but it's easy to see her students are more than just numbers.   She gives each one of them special attention and she's this week's Class Act.

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