Tallapoosa County And Alex City Improve Communications With Nixle Program

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There's a pretty good chance cell phones will sound off and light up even more in Tallapoosa County and Alex City, all because of what's known as the Nixle program.

"We're adopting a new technology program," said Alex City Police Chief Charles Rafford.

Investigators say this is another tool to let residents know what's going either through email or a text message on their cell phone.

Albert Benson at first didn't know what to make of this new technology but is convinced this is something the community needs.

"I'm always interested in getting weather reports and missing persons reports so I can help look for them," said Benson.

The Nixle system will allow police to send alerts ranging from a suspect on the run to traffic issues.

And investigators say the alerts won't always be alarming news. They could also send messages about a community event or a road closure.

The police chief and the sheriff claim both departments won't pay a dime for the service and neither will people like Benson unless residents don't have a text messaging plan.

While Benson thinks he'll be a big fan of Nixle, he does question why now in Tallapoosa County when the company's website says more than 4,200 governmental agencies across the country have been using for awhile.

Nixle is based in California.

"I guess we found out about it and thought it would help us," said Sheriff Jimmy Abbett.

By working on this together the Tallapoosa County Sheriff's Department and the Alex City Police Department are the first law enforcement agencies to team up in Alabama.

Here's the link to Nixle if you're interested in signing up: www.nixle.com 

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