MPD release edited dashcam video

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery police released new, edited video of the ambulance crash involving injured MPD Corporal David Brown.

Packed into the training room of the Emergency Operations Center, authorities relived their own 'emergency operation': a mission to save Brown and the handful of other people trapped inside the ambulance.

"None of these police officers see themselves as heroes.  I've had to drag it out of them--what they did," said MPD Acting Chief Kevin Murphy.

Deputies, firefighters, and police officers fought to free everyone from the wreck, peeling back the windshield to get some of them out.

Captain Anthony Hall was in the back of the ambulance with Brown when the ambulance overturned.

"I knew Dave personally as a friend, and I was just trying to get my friend to the hospital that time, you know, a fellow comrade, and that was the only thing that was important," Hall said.

Hall and Officer Sheila Rodriguez, also in the ambulance, say they could tell the vehicle was driving too fast.

"I felt one side go up, and when I looked at the window, I could see we were coming to a curve, and I was like, we're about to flip," Rodriguez said.

Luckily, everyone survived the accident. Authorities say it's a testament to the quick thinking of the officers on the scene.

"It doesn't matter if it's a light blue uniform or a dark blue. When an incident like this happens, we're all brothers under the same badge," said Deputy Chief Joey Addie of the Montgomery Fire Department.

Mayor Todd Strange won't divulge much information about the cause of the crash, only telling reporters the Department of Public Safety is investigating.

Meanwhile, Corporal Brown is still unconscious.

Tuesday, doctors re-inflated his partially collapsed lung and will soon give him a feeding tube and close the wounds to his abdomen.

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