Cash for Kindness: Lawrence McRae

WSFA12 NEWS is starting something we're calling "Cash for Kindness" and here's how it works: we will give you 120 dollars to pass along to someone you think deserves it.  Our first nomination comes from Tuskegee where it's a one man mission to save lives.

Noah Hopkins met Lawrence McRae while attending a health fair.  He asked him "Hey have you been tested for prostate cancer?"  It's an unusual question McRae been asking since 2000, when he made it his personal mission to educate men about prostate cancer.  He was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.

We first learned about Mr. McRae and his good works when he appeared on the Today show during an interview with Jane Pauley.

Noah Hopkins thought he would be a great candidate for Cash For Kindness.  "He's 70 years old and stilling going very strong and he's formed a foundation and I think it's prostate cancer awareness foundation and he's been on his own taking money out of his own pocket, his social security check just to fund this thing."  Hopkins told us.   We gave Noah a 120 bucks and he passed it on to Lawrence McRae.

We surprised Mr. McRae at the Macon County courthouse and we told him about our Cash for Kindness campaign. and his nomination.   He was surprised and told us about his mission.  "Most men in these black belt counties don't have a computer so if I can go directly to them and talk to them the first question that came to mind was when was the last time you had your prostate checked."   He also told us he goes to churches, street corners, barber shops anywhere men hang out to connect with them.    We hope he keeps on connecting.

If you have a nomination for Cash for Kindness send me an e-mail at  Remember to put Cash for Kindness in the subject line.

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