Bus stop controversy at Eastdale Mall

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you're accustomed to taking the city bus to Eastdale Mall to shop or eat, you'd better think again.

The Montgomery Area Transit System (MATS) was told not to stop there anymore.

For more than 30 years city buses have been picking up and dropping off passengers at Eastdale Mall.

The pick up and drop off point has been where Dillard's is now, but not anymore.

Dillard's says they're private property, not a bus stop.

The bus stop is on Atlanta Highway but people like Shawn Chappell who ride the bus everyday also think that's not right.

"They're saying all different stuff about people was going in the mall and trashing it and then going into Dillard's and stealing and running back out the mall," said Chappell.

The store manager stated that the change was to keep the riff raffs out. Not every agrees with the decision.

"If people stealing...I don't think that's going to stop them. They still can steal and run to the highway.....if they want to steal...if a rogue wants to steal. And I feel like it's hurting good people for the bad people. And I don't think that's good," stated bus rider Annie O. Robinson.

It's exactly two tenths of a mile walk now from the bus stop on Atlanta Highway to Dillard's. Now the concern is for the people that are in wheel chairs or use walkers.

The elderly and people with small children are also concerned about that walk from the bus stop now to Eastdale Mall.

MATS says the letter requesting the buses to stop going onto the private property at the mall was from Dillard's but it was also signed by the mall manager.

It became effective a week ago on September 8th.