Editorial: Feedback

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our editorial on Advance Placement test improvement upset many.

Vickey Neven emailed: "Teachers can only do so much and then it is up to the parents to help develop their kids education along with their teachers."

Vickey – Agree 100%!

Dan Harris emailed:  "If this state was serious about building a top notch public education system it would take the actions necessary to ensure proper funding for the various public schools systems allowing them to attract the best and the brightest to teach in the classroom and to provide them with all of the tools necessary to ensure success. Proration would never be an option.  When have you ever heard that one of the state's top football programs was being subjected to proration?"

A veteran teacher, emailed: "We cannot recruit students.  We have to take what we are given.  I have been given tenth graders who read on a second grade level; even worse than that I have been given students who do not care and will tell you they do not care.   Evaluate me as an educator on what I do,  and not on the desires or lack thereof of unmotivated students.  When the classroom teacher is able to choose the best and brightest students there are, then hold the classroom teacher accountable for student test scores.  Otherwise, recognize and applaud improvement on any level, not just arbitrary benchmarks on standardized tests."

Our "Civic Pride" email upset some as well:  "Civic pride means to move forward," one viewer emailed. "These towns and their conditions go back 50 years! Don't blame the people blame the elites who are running these towns?  Start asking them what happened?"

And our "Labor Needs" editorial prompted this email: "The one thing these southern states need to change is the status of being non-union states!"

We appreciate all of your feedback.

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