Montgomery Public Schools Responds To Increased Proration

The following is a news release from Montgomery Public Schools.

Montgomery Public Schools Responds To Increased Proration

MONTGOMERY, AL"Ÿ Like other public school districts around the state, Montgomery Public Schools is taking steps to prepare to operate with reduced funding, in light of Governor Bob Riley's recent announcement that there will be an additional two percent proration of state funds.

The increased proration means MPS will receive about $3 million less in state funds at the end of September. Though the loss of those critical dollars will impact schools, the district does not anticipate having to borrow funds for this fiscal year, which ends September 30.

"All financial obligations will be paid on time, including payroll and vendor payments. We will, however, have to monitor our cash flow very carefully," said Chief Financial Officer Ron Glover.

Superintendent Barbara Thompson said everyone in the district will have to make a few more sacrifices and find creative ways to operate with less, while maintaining quality instruction and services.

"These are challenging times for every school district in the state, but doing nothing is simply not an option," Thompson said. "In addition to being fiscally prudent, we will also encourage the staff to do practical, common sense things to conserve our resources, like turning off lights, unplugging equipment, recycling materials and emailing documents rather than printing them," she said. "Significant cuts have been made over the last two years, and funding has been shifted to other fund sources where possible. We will continue to look for ways to reduce expenditures and find additional resources."