Police search for Judie Wilding's remains in Macon Co. woods

SHORTER, AL (WSFA) - There was a major development Friday in a high profile, but unsolved Montgomery murder case from 2000. Search teams and Attorney General Troy King's office searched a wooded area in the Macon County town of Shorter for the body of Judie Wilding who vanished ten years ago.

Her husband, Albert Wilding, has long been a suspect in her disappearance and is accused of killing her. Hampering the case, however, is that face that Mrs. Wilding's body has never been found.

AG King said Friday that Wilding told authorities he wanted to let them know where he put his wife's body. He took them out to a rural road just off Interstate 85 in Shorter where investigators spent the day searching for any sign of human remains. Even Wilding himself was brought into the Woods to help with the search.

King says even though it's been years since Mrs. Wilding was killed, they're confident search dogs will find evidence of her remains. Authorities say they haven't found anything so far.

King said it's not surprising that Wilding came forward with the information. "I find that pending trial dates and people who sit in jail charged with crimes, as their trial dates get closer lots of times, decide to tell the truth. We're here today to find out is he's telling the truth?"

Assistant Attorney General Doug Valeska says Wilding's trial will begin Monday no matter what happens with the search. In a hearing in 2008, Wilding entered a 'not guilty' plea.

For now he's in the Montgomery County Jail.

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