Houston County Churches Burglarized

Three church congregations are feeling the same kind of pain after a series of burglaries. The break-ins all happened during the past week in west Houston County.

At Sardis Baptist Church, they were still cleaning up Wednesday. Vandals broke in through the back door Monday night. They did plenty of damage, turning on faucets and flooding an entire room. "They stopped up the commodes and ran them over and stopped up the sinks," says Rev. Paul Cowley.

Sheriff's deputies tell WSFA it was just the latest in a string of church break-ins. All three break-ins happened in the Wicksburg community.  That leads investigators to believe the same person or people are to blame.

"Having them all in the same week and under the same circumstances, I feel that they are related," says Investigator Donovan Arias.

Nothing was taken from Sardis Baptist Church, but the other churches lost computers and sound equipment. But instead of wishing the worst on the culprits, church members say they forgive them.

In fact, they say whoever did this is in their prayers. "We pray that they can understand what they've done," says Rev. Cowley. "Especially coming into a church. Vandalism is bad anyway, but coming into a church makes it that much worse."

The other two churches burglarized were Bay Springs Baptist and Pilgrim's Home Baptist. Sheriff's deputies hope the public can help them find the vandals.