Parents, teens face college life, job market

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A college education is more important and more expensive than ever before.

Monday, hundreds of prospective college freshmen had a chance to find out more about making the right career and college course.

The Junior League of Montgomery's 'College and Career Night' showcased dozens of colleges and career paths.

Some students couldn't wait to gather information.  Others were a bit skeptical.

"[I'm thinking about] scholarships, loans, and debt, debt," said Christopher Johnson of Montgomery.>

Meanwhile, moms and dads learned about financial aid options, hoping they can afford their child's education in a down economy.

"I just hope there's some assistance out there. Some kind of programs or something that can really help us through these tough times," said Shirley Davis of Montgomery.

The teens have along way to go before they receive college degrees.  Still, many of them are planning ahead--looking for a career that will have jobs available when they graduate.

"There's always going to be a spot open in nursing. You just have to find out where it is, but there's always going to be a spot open," said senior Hunter Pritchett.

Parents acknowledge problems with unemployment and a shaky job market today and hope the future will improve.

"It could be an epidemic if the economy don't get better, when kids say 'What am I going to college for if I can't find a job when I get out?'," explained Lamont Johnson, Sr., of Montgomery.

With the next step awaiting them, students are ready.

"I think it's going to get worse, because we're going to find out how tough life is, but hopefully we can make it," Pritchett said.

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