Treasure Forest in Troy

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Troy, AL (WSFA) -  What a view.   On top of the world in Troy, Alabama.   You can really call this property a real treasure.   That's because land owner Gene Renfroe has done so much work on his property it's now designated a treasure forest.    "It's been in the family for 4 generations," said Troy Renfroe.

It's almost 3,000 acres of trees, water, and wildlife.   "It was primarily a pecan orchard in the 40s, 50s, and 60s.    Now, for the most part we've turned the property into a retreat for wildlife.   We manage wildlife, timber, and the beauty of the farm."

The home, or base camp on the property, sits high on hill peering out over South Alabama.  "We really do get a chance to enjoy the scenery, feels like we are on top of the world.   There are not many places like this."

The work to preserve nature and create a wildlife resort is impressive.   There are miles of rocky, gravel roads cutting through the trees and around the lakes.     Renfroe is very proud of the water features.     "We have two green tree reservoirs.  It's a pond where you can raise and lower the water level to accommodate wildlife."

He's also put in a quarter mile deck bridge that goes right through the wetlands.   It's almost like you're walking on water.   "It follows our theme of low maintenance.  Its built on concrete pillars, so we don't have to get back in the water again."

And when it comes to wildlife, there's no telling what you'll see.   "Deer, turkey, duck, quail, alligators, even some wild hogs."    There are hunting houses and boat houses scattered all over the property.   Every time you come around the corner, there's another treasure waiting.   One thing's for sure, the projects here are never really done.    "It's just trying to get it right.   You keep on trying to get it like you want it, it's a big front yard, but we love it."

His love for mother nature shows, a true Treasure Forest in Troy out along County Rd. 12.

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