Jeff's Journal #1

Jeff's Journal #1
With only four minutes for sports on WSFA 12 News at 6 and 10, we don't always have time to share our opinions on the day's events.  That's where Jeff's Journal comes in.  Now - thanks to, I have a forum to tell you all those things I've been wanting to say.  So here goes....
Mo Williams should come back to Alabama next year for his junior season. Bama coach Mark Gottfried says Mo has been told he will not be selected in the first round of the NBA draft on June 26.
Players taken in the first round receive guaranteed contracts - they're instant millionaires. Players taken in the second round get an invitation to training camp, and more often than not, a spot in the National Basketball Developmental League. Mobile Revelers - here we come!

Mo need look no further than former Tide teammate Rod Grizzard to see the dangers of exiting early. A year ago, Grizzard forfeited his senior season, injured his knee before the draft, was picked in the 2nd round and cut by two NBA teams before playing in the NBDL

One NBA scout told a source close to the Alabama program that Williams would be playing "Russian Roulette" by entering a draft that's stocked with premier international players and point guards (Mo's position).

Mo Williams

What's the downside to staying in Tuscaloosa? True, a poor junior season or a serious injury could jeopardize Mo's chances a year from now. But another year in the SEC would only help Williams prepare for the NBA.
If former Auburn players Adam Harrington and Jamison Brewer (good players to be sure, but not in Mo Williams' league) can land on NBA rosters after leaving early, there's no doubt that Mo can find a home in the NBA.
But the money will still be there next year - and there might be a lot more of it to spend.
Speaking of money, Selma's Jai Miller tells us he plans to put his $250,000 Florida Marlins signing bonus in the bank.

Jai Miller

While most 18-year-olds would be tempted to blow that bonus on a Hummer, I'm not surprised to see Jai make such a wise choice. You don't get admitted to Stanford by being foolish.

Forced to grow up early after losing his mother and grandmother in a car accident while in junior high, Jai has overcome that adversity, thanks in large part to his grandparents in Selma. Randall and Betty Miller opened their home to Jai, giving him guidance and support.

It's easy to root for Jai Miller. I hope he'll be playing for Florida's AA Southern League team, the Carolina Mudcats, in a few years, so fans in Montgomery will be able to see one of Fever Country's best athletes ever, before he makes it to the big leagues

Which brings us to the Biscuits. Name growing on you, yet? I didn't think so.

I was at Jubilee a few weeks back when the name was announced. 10,000 people have never been more quiet. The first person I ran into after the announcement asked, "Why'd they pick such a weird name?"

I'm convinced Biscuits owner Tom Dickson believed more people would embrace the name.
Now that we've had a few weeks to, hmmm, "digest" the Biscuits, I think the shock is wearing off. By Opening Day 2004, people will be so happy to have a real team, they won't care about the goofy name.
Butter up!
Next week, I'll give you my game-by-game prediction for Auburn's 2003 football season , with Alabama predictions coming the following week.
Thanks for reading the first entry in Jeff's Journal. Please check back each week - and feel free to give your take in our feedback section below. God bless - Jeff