Editorial: Settle Differences

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The oil well that broke, gushing 100 million gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico the past five months is finally capped.

The war of words that continue to gush between the governor and attorney general appears like it won't be capped until both leave office in a few months.

Now, BP is taking advantage of those disputes, saying the attorney general's lawsuit against BP prevents them from settling the state's 148 million dollar claim for lost tax revenue due to the spill, revenue the state wanted to avoid further education cuts.

So Alabama schoolchildren, teachers and other school personnel now join thousands of others along the gulf coast and beyond as victims in this catastrophe, including the 11 workers killed.

BP needs to expedite payment of claims by those waiting resolution, including the state.

The governor and attorney general need to move beyond personal and professional differences.

All involved with state budgets need to insure a more equitable system that eliminates having to cut an additional two percent across the board to education two weeks before the end of the budget year.

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