Neighbor in Need

Most people at one time or another will find themselves in a position where they could use a bit of help. A time when they need someone to reach out and give them a hand up. Oasis Heating and Air is committed to helping our Neighbors in Need. This is how our program works.

Fill out the form below to nominate a Neighbor in Need. This person/family can be someone who is on a fixed income, a single parent, or just a person who has fallen on hard times and needs a little help. The Neighbor in Need can be a family member, a good friend, or just a good neighbor.

Completely fill out the form and Oasis Heating and Air will choose one person/family, at our discretion, and we will repair, replace, or install a central air conditioner or heater at absolutely NO CHARGE . The following limitations apply.

  1. Nominee must be the homeowner. No rentals or apartment homes. Mobile homes are eligible as long as they meet the other criteria listed below.
  2. Nominee's residence must be within a reasonable distance of Montgomery, AL.
  3. Nominee must presently have central heat or air conditioning.

If your Neighbor in Need is not chosen this time. Don't give up. We will do this again in the fall. Feel free to nominate them again if necessary.