Poll: Bentley holds 20 point lead on Sparks

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In its latest polling data issued Thursday afternoon, Rasmussen Reports found Alabama gubernatorial candidate Dr. Robert Bentley to be holding a 20-point lead over his Democratic opponent, Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks.

The survey was conducted by phone on September 21, 2010 among 500 likely voters. The margin of error is +/- 4.5 percentage points.

The poll found Bentley with 55 percent of the vote to Sparks' 35 percent. The data indicated that just eight percent of likely voters are still undecided and approximately one percent favor some other candidate.

Bentley is supported by 82 percent of Republicans while Rasmussen's polling data reflects only 73 percent support among Democrats for Sparks. Voters who did not claim affiliation with either party leaned towards Bentley in 65 percent of responses.

Rasmussen also released data on several other topics including the national health care law, immigration, and current Governor Bob Riley.

NATIONAL HEALTH CARE - Some 69 percent of Alabamians say they favor repeal.

IMMIGRATION - Some 63 percent favor a law similar to Arizona's immigration law.

GOVERNOR RILEY - Governor Riley holds a 58 percent approval.

Sparks and Bentley will face each other in the General Election in November.

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