Auburn seafood diner survives oil spill effects

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Jimmy Stinson faced up to the oil spill and won.

Moving from a small shack to a much larger place two miles away and business is booming, duly noted by a man who just two months ago had grave doubts if he could survive the effects of the oil spill.

"We had already started making plans to shut it all down by the end of the year," said Stinson.

That was then. This is now.

Customers like Vera Goodman of Lafayette, Alabama, couldn't be more proud for Stinson for withstanding the heat of doubt.

"It's so hard to stay in business even when times are good. We're happy he's still around," said Goodman.

Jimmy Stinson also learned something about himself. Stinson says he's a lot stronger than he first thought.

"It helps to pray a lot," said Stinson.

Gulf coast businesses continue to struggle even though the well has been permanently plugged.

Stinson knows the uncertainty all too well and he's offering a word of encouragement for his fellow business owners.

"Don't give up.. just try to hang in there and don't throw in the towel," said Stinson.

Jimmy Stinson concedes the fact he may have been protected somewhat because he is so far inland. Still, he felt the pinch. For example, he no longer sells oysters because the prices are simply too high.  The only thing he's changed on the menu is he added a few more shrimp dishes.

Bouncing back and moving on, Stinson not only survived the spill but moved  on and moved into a bigger and better place.

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