Volunteers make difference with Kaboom playground built in 5 hours

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - They came by the hundreds, volunteers like Betsy Wilson.

"It is worth the work and the muscle power," Wilson said with a chuckle.

And Crystal Steele, a 26-year old who rakes in all kinds of volunteer projects to work on while going to college. Steele calls this her 'top three.'

"I just love volunteering for things. It makes me feel good," said Steele.

That was more than a week ago. 4 days later Montgomery city leaders dedicated the Kaboom playground with a ribbon cutting with the help of a dozen children.

"1, 2, 3,!" shouted Mayor Todd Strange.

It's something Steele wouldn't miss for the world.

"I feel blessed and honored to have been part of this and feel so much joy," said Steele.

So much joy in fact 7-year old Lyneria DeRamus says this is a slice of paradise.

"It's like I'm going to Heaven," she said.

Volunteers like Steele and Wilson did a little bit of everything to make Kaboom a reality.

"I registered volunteers, raked a lot of mulch and stirred concrete," said Steele.

They could not have done it without Home Depot.  The Home Depot Foundation gave $35,000 for the materials, volunteers agreed to assemble it, and as they found out, this was much more than hammering a few nails and carrying a big slide around.

Home Depot leaders say they've help build around 1,000 Kaboom playgrounds around the country so far.

"I really like the slide. It's so exciting," said DeRamus.

Starting from the ground up, 300 people gave a hand in the creation of the Kaboom project and thanks to them, kids like DeRamus are already creating memories to last a lifetime.

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