Man tased by police at Tallapoosa Casino

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There was trouble at the Tallapoosa Casino in Montgomery.

Tribal police arrested four people last night after one of them reportedly resisted arrest at the casino.

Managers say police asked a man to leave but he refused which resulted in him being tased  by an officer.

Casino officials told WSFA 12 News that after the man was tased, his family and friends jumped the police officer.

Two other officers came to help and a call for more assistance was placed to the Elmore County, Wetumpka, and Montgomery County law enforcement offices.

When WSFA 12 News arrived at the casino, Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies weren't letting anyone on the property because officials inside were still trying to figure out what exactly happened.

Investigators say they didn't suspend play inside the casino or force anyone else out but no new customers were allowed in for roughly two hours.

Many people left the casino after hearing the disturbance.

They say they didn't even know what happened but they felt like getting out was the safest move.

"Only thing I was thinking was calling my grandchildren to tell them to come get me out of dying here. I was praying to God for all of us to be alive up in that place, to just get out there," said casino customer Alberta Pennington.

Casino officials tell WSFA 12 News that the four arrests did not involve any of the police officers. No one was seriously hurt and at this time, they don't know the specific charges.

Casino attorneys say activity like this is very uncommon there.

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