Montgomery Co. budget passes without job cuts

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Montgomery County Commission approved its fiscal year 2011 budget Monday morning while saving every county employee from the chopping block.

The commission passed the budget with a slight modification. Approximately $200,000 will be taken from the Emergency Communications District Board, though there were questions on whether or not the MCC could do that. Commission spokeswoman Didi Henry said the budget passed without that money, but adjustments can be made at a later date.

There will be no layoffs and no furloughs for county employees. A hiring freeze remains in effect, however, though law enforcement positions are the exception.

Every commissioner except for Reed Ingram voted in favor of passing a lodging tax fee increase of 50 cents. That increase will bring in an additional $1.00 to $1.50 per room in revenue for the county. The increase does not go into effect until December 1.

Commissioners expect to bring in more than $1 million through attrition from the lodging tax increase.

The 2011 budget is set at $95,658,155. That's nearly $3 million less than the 2010 budget.

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