Editorial: Moving Ahead

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama ranks third in the nation in the rate of women murdered by men. Alabama is the third-worst state in the nation for children's well being and Montgomery County is the eighth worst county of the 67 counties in this state.

More than one in seven Alabamians are poor.

Clearly, we have challenges as a community and as a state.

A symposium on race this week in Montgomery highlighted an overarching challenge – racism.

Concerns about a disparity in disorderly conduct arrests statewide between the races, police patrols in certain parts of Montgomery and not others, a state constitution based on racism resulting in unfair taxation and economic disparities, and education shortcomings were aired.

Consensus indicated though we are moving from intolerance to appreciation of each other – led by young people who are not as burdened with heavy hearts from past transgressions, and current leaders who communicate more openly, form relationships based on mutual trust and are focused more on healing than hating.

We must move beyond our racial divide.

Perhaps by doing that we can attack education and child well being deficiencies, and rising poverty and domestic violence rates.

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