Cash for Kindness: Monica Quates

Posted by: Valorie Lawson - bio | email

PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) - What could you do with 120 dollars? Pay a bill? Buy groceries or put it back into your church's ministry? In Cash for Kindness, we gave an unsuspecting mother, sister and faithful friend a little cash for all of her good work.

If you want to know anything about Olivera Dennis just ask her sister Monica Quates.  You'll learn about a bond that's not easily broken. "I love her so much and she's there when you need her" said Monica.

Monica told us she needed her sister when she went to work. She said Olivera was a second mom to her son while being a mom to her own three children. She said, her sister was a stay at home mom who took her son to ball games, doctor's appointment and whatever she needed to do to help out.

While Monica has already thanked her sister time and time again she wanted to do more. So, she contacted us about Cash For Kindness.  We handed her 120 dollars to pass along to her sister  We caught up with Olivera at a place where she spends a lot of time, Safe Harbor Assembly of God Church in Prattville, where she oversees the nursery.  She was surprised to see her sister but felt blessed to get the cash.

She told us she plans to spend her 120 dollars on the nursery at the church. "I  just feel like you need to pay it forward."  A lesson learned from a women who just wants to keep the giving going.

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