State House Corruption Update


October 6, 2010

Hello...Bob Howell here in the WSFA 12 Newsroom...

Hope you'll join us tonight in less than a half hour for more on the Alabama State House corruption investigation.  We'll tell you how one of the best known of the people indicted is already filing motions with the Federal Court.

And an unusual story out of Tuskegee.  Police in Massachusetts have asked Macon County's District Attorney to oversee the exhumation of a body from a cemetery outside Tuskegee.  It seems as though a suspect in a murder and three rapes may be buried there.

Bobby Bright answers a question that's nagged him for months: will he vote for Nancy Pelosi as U.S. House Speaker?  We've got his response at 10.

In Taking Back Our Neighborhoods, details on a free program to help kids who are having trouble with their homework.

Rich updates the beautiful fall weather and Jeff has highlights of the UAB Blazers game tonight in Orlando with the University of Central Florida.

Hope you'll join us.

Take care,

Bob H.