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$50 million in new contracts saves Selma's American Apparel Co.

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - Forty employees recalled from lay-off, 150 lay-offs prevented, and the possibility of 40 new jobs are bringing hope to Selma after the American Apparel Company received three new contracts. 

The company received new contracts to produce the Marine Corp. Fire Resistant Organizational Gear Shirt and Trouser; Multi-Cam Army Combat Coats new camouflage for Afghanistan; and Field Coat Liner. 

The new contracts are valued at $50 million for work to be produced in 2011. 

American Apparel will be able to avoid more than 400 lay-offs company-wide with the revenue generated by the new contracts. 

"American Apparel is one of the largest employers in Dallas County, " said Wayne Vardaman, EDA executive director. "These new contracts mean that American Apparel will continue to be a viable part of the economy of Selma and Dallas County providing jobs for our citizens." 


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