Tutors make a difference at Prattville Christian Academy

Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis
Shelby Vega helps tutor a student.
Shelby Vega helps tutor a student.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In a quiet classroom at Prattville Christian Academy tutors Jessica Davis and Shelby Vega are turning the page, writing a new chapter in helping students catch up with reading, math and science.

They're also making the kids with learning challenges feel better about themselves, all part of Prattville Christian's PACK or Partner Academics Counseling and Knowledge.

"I anxious to see them learn," said Vega.

"It's getting on their level and understand where they're coming from," said Davis.

We'll begin with Davis, a junior at Faulkner University, majoring in elementary education. Whenever a child faces an academic challenge, Jessica Davis doesn't necessarily see that as an obstacle, but an opportunity to take him to the next level, expand the mind, a golden opportunity to make a difference.

"Each day I work with each child for about an hour and a half and help with whatever they need help on," said Davis.

It's no wonder Davis wants to be a school teacher. Davis is convinced this is her calling and she's learning that in most cases, tutoring is necessary because the child's learning style is different.

"Some people are visual learners," she said.

Such as Austin Eagerton who points to Davis as helping him improve his grades. Justin is a 4th grader at PCA.

"She helped me with my reading and spelling," said Eagerton.

"I love children," said Davis.

And so does Vega, a senior at PCA.

"I like to see the changes on their faces when they learn it," Vega said.

Shelby Vega has mapped out plans to become a pediatrician after college and believes she offers the perfect medicine for students like Mason to improve their reading. Vega is learning that a little bit of patience and guidance can go a long way.

"Mason is very smart, a great reader and he does it by himself," said Vega.

Jessica Davis and Shelby Vega, making a difference with a quiet passion.

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