Two teens in custody after alleged rape of special needs student

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Two teenaged boys are in custody after police say they raped a 14-year-old special needs student.

According to family members, the incident happened just after the 14-year-old girl arrived for classes at Bellingrath Middle School Monday morning.

"By her being disabled, she has to go around to the side of the building to get in, and it was locked," said her grandmother and legal guardian, whom we are not identifying due to the nature of the crime.  "She was accosted by another student she was in class with."

The girl's grandmother says the boy then led the girl off campus to an abandoned house, where he and his brother sexually assaulted her.

"She almost passed out and she didn't know who to get back," said the girl's grandmother.  "She asked them, y'all goin leave me, she didn't know where she was because she is legally blind."

The family says the boys led her back close to the school. they say she went into the office and asked for a tardy slip.

"The secretary noticed that she didn't look right and asked her what was wrong with her," the girl's grandmother said.  "She said you don't come to school looking like this."

After that, school officials reported the assault to police.   The family took her to Child Protect where she told the story of what happened.   Her grandmother says the girl remains traumatized, even if she doesn't understand the full extent of the situation.  Police took the two boys into custody the next day and charged them with Rape in the First Degree.   The girl's family is relieved the teens have been caught, but still outraged by what happened.

"She's a brain damaged child, and then this traumatized her again," the girl's grandmother said.  "He had no business touching her, putting his hand on her period."

A spokesperson with Montgomery Public Schools says although the incident did not happen on campus, officials there did report the incident and are cooperating with the police investigation.

The girl's family says they are going to withdraw the girl from Bellingrath.  They say she no longer feels comfortable attending school there.

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