On the Clock

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Lowndesboro, AL (WSFA) - It won't be long until a big estate auction is on the clock.  Fancy furniture, old paintings, fine china, you name it, it'll be there.   But there's one item that seems to dominate the show.    It's all about clocks.     "I have banjo clocks, shelf clocks, parlor clocks, and kitchen clocks," auctioneer Michael Respess said.   "There are French clocks, German clocks, English clocks, and even American clocks."

The collection comes from a Wetumpka doctor who passed away about a year ago.   His name was Dr. Joseph Benson.   "He just got into clocks while traveling.    He bought a clock, studied them, and actually even made some clocks."    His home in Wetumpka didn't have much room for parking so crews moved all of his valuable items to the Marengo Plantation in Lowndesboro for the auction.   So now it's time for all of them to go, and they could bring in some big bucks.    "Some could bring in $4,000 to $6,000 dollars."

So what makes some clocks worth more time than the others?    "Older American clocks are more desirable than some of the others, because we weren't making clocks in the early 1900's like the Europeans were.    Also condition is everything.    And avid clock collectors want all the weights to be original."

For these clocks time is running out.   The estate auction is Saturday morning, October 9th.   It'll start at 9 am, and there will be plenty of places in the home to see what time it is.    You can also bid over the phone.  For more information go to www.estatesales.net.

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