Second shooting suspect arrested in Elmore Co. case

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A second suspect is in custody in Elmore County after a robbery and shooting at the Petro gas station on Highway 14 and 143 Sunday night.

Marcus Turner, 17, turned himself in to authorities Wednesday. Elmore County sheriff's deputies had already arrested 39-year old Gary Jeffrey. Investigators accuse him of being the triggerman in the hold up that netted around $2,500.

Both men are charged with robbery and assault.

Teresa Sides is the shooting victim's sister. Sides spoke on behalf of her brother who declined to be interviewed. Shot once in the side, he is going to be okay. The bullet missed vital organs.

The family is still trying to figure out why this happened.

"They must be suffering from some trouble to do this to an innocent man," said Sides.

Elmore County investigators say the store employee never put up a fight but was shot anyway.

There's an interesting twist to this story.

Elmore County investigators say they know Gary Jeffrey well. He pleaded guilty to producing fake money in his own home about a year ago. Jeffrey served 6 months in the county jail.

"For most of these people the motive is money and trying to get from one day to the next," said Sheriff Franklin.

For the moment Gary Jeffrey is back in familiar territory in the Elmore County jail facing far more serious charges of first degree robbery and assault. Sheriff Franklin says the juvenile suspect will face the same charges.

A conviction on just one of those charges could earn Jeffrey up to 99 years in prison. As of this writing court records show Jeffrey does not have an attorney.

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