Ai Miyazato sits down with the media

Mi Miyazato chats with the media.
Mi Miyazato chats with the media.

AI MIYAZATO, Rolex Rankings No. 1 

Q.  What were your impressions of the course?  I know you played here a couple years ago.  Can you comment on the wind, as that could play a factor this week?

AI MIYAZATO:  Well, when I played the last time it was four years ago.  But still, this year still play longer, I think.

But seems like no rough and the greens are a little bit rough.  The wind might be a factor playing a little bit longer, I think.  So, yeah.

Q.  You've sort of this season taken the Tour by storm.  Almost came out of nowhere.  I notice your shirt, having Fun.  How fun has this year been for you so far?

AI MIYAZATO:  It's been great.  I'm really enjoying myself.  This is my fifth year on the LPGA Tour, so I have my style and I have many fans out there.  So I'm really having fun so far.

Q.  What's come together so well for you in your game?

AI MIYAZATO:  Well, it's not coming together like really quickly, because, like I said, it's been five years.  I go step by step.  (Through translation) I have my confidence right now, and I think everything is moving in a good rhythm.

Q.  How much do you pay attention to the No. 1 ranking?  How much do you think about it?

AI MIYAZATO:  (Through translation.)  It's a good motivation for me, but I really don't think about it at the moment.  I just try to play my best until the end of the season.

Q.  Is there more pressure on you when you're trying to win your first event or more pressure now that you're maybe expected to be among the leaders or to win?

AI MIYAZATO:  Good question.  (Through translation)  I think they're both very difficult.  But right now, it's a little bit tough to control myself as the situations are constantly changing, especially the top 5 players.  They're very close and in they're in contention all the time.  So I feel like right now it might be a little bit more difficult.

Q.  I understand you're studying English at the learning lab or learning center.  What are you hoping to get out of that?  Your English is already very good.

AI MIYAZATO:  Thank you, but I feel like I'm still not enough.  (Through translation.)  Well, I want to be able to explain things in English by myself.  I also feel like if I get better at English, maybe my play in golf will improve, as well.  (Laughter.)