Son of murder victim speaks for the first time

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's been more than a month since Richard Carr, Jr., was murdered behind his home near Shorter.

So far no suspects, no one in custody.

"They're just a bunch of cowards. Taking money is one thing but to kill is another," said Richard Carr, III.

Carr admits there's a little frustration in the fact no one's been arrested but he knows sometimes a murder investigation takes time.

"It's not only affected the community but kids have been affected because they won't be able to see their granddad," said Carr.

The Carr family is speaking out for the first time, encouraging anyone to call ABI if they know who killed Mr. Carr.

ABI's hotline number is 334-353-1100.

It was a Friday night. Mr. Carr had just gotten home from picking up something to eat when someone shot him once about 15 feet from his back door. Carr was well known in the community, known to help people in need.

Pastor James Sullen remembers.

"He could never say 'no.' He had a big heart," said Sullen.

Carr's son has a theory as to what happened.

"He did have cash on him that day and that's what they were after. They killed him for the money and everybody knew he had some," said Carr.

Mr. Carr reportedly had a reputation of helping people find jobs and pay a bill.

Investigators with ABI declined to say anything about the case other than the fact that it's still an on-going investigation. Carr is convinced more than one person was involved in the crime.

In the meantime, all the Carr family can do is wait.

"In the past 3 weeks, there's been more anger than you could ever imagine," said Carr.

Married for more than 30 years, Richard Carr, Jr., was a retired businessman and farmer.. 65 years old, 4 months shy of reaching another birthday.

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