Health Department Warning


October 8, 2010

Good afternoon from the newsroom.

The State Department of Public Health has issued a new advisory for folks who eat fish caught in certain lakes and rivers in Alabama.  While most of them are in north Alabama, existing warnings are still in place for many rivers, creeks and lakes in our viewing area.  Scientists have discovered mercury and PCB's in certain kinds of fish. We'll talk with a fisherman in south Alabama who doesn't eat any fish from the river he lives along.  We've listed them on our web site,

We're also talking about yet another development in the indictments and arrests following the State House corruption investigation.

This is WSFA 12 News Day at the Alabama National Fair...which opened at 4 p.m.  Mark Bullock will be reporting from there at 5 p.m. I'll be there for the news at 6.  And, Rich Thomas will be there for both shows with his updated weekend weather forecast.

It's Friday...which means we're gearing up for Friday Night Football Fever.  Be sure to call in your scores at 1-800-264-WSFA.  Or you can text them to us at 625-9732.  Then check out all highlights starting at 10:00pm...and get final scores on the sports page at

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