Editorial: Feedback

MONTGOMERY, AL - Our "Integrity Issues" editorial calling for more stringent ethics legislation that should include a ban on Pac-to-Pac transfers of campaign contributions, subpoena power for the ethics commission and lobbyists reporting every dime spent on legislators, in addition to all of us paying more attention to integrity issues in candidate races, one viewer emailed: "How can those who are lacking those traits debate and legislate an issue they themselves haven't a clue?  I don't think I want them discussing how to handle ethics and integrity."

Our guest editorial supporting character education in schools got a similar reaction.  "How do you expect the legislature to support "character" education when they themselves lack character?" emailed one viewer.  Another asked "What about the spirit of inquiry, independence and innovation that defines the true character of a great nation?"

And regarding our editorial "Moving Ahead" on race relations, a viewer emailed: "Racism isn't only a White-Black issue, it's across the board here in Alabama.  And will continue to be as long as there are leaders who repress their own constituents into believing they themselves are not worthy, by continually throwing the past into their face.  Every time someone disagrees with them, or increases patrols or decreases patrols, it's "racist."  Put up a traffic safety camera, take down the camera, it's "racist."  Put in a new bus stop, remove a bus stop, it's "racist."  It's a constant reminder my great-grandfather never owned a slave or repressed anyone, but I'm treated like I personally did, way back, when."

We appreciate all of your feedback.

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