Police abuse?

TUESDAY - Oct. 11, 2010
Starting tonight at 5 p.m. on WSFA 12 News -
A Montgomery mother files an official complaint against a police officer who she says physically assaulted her 16 year-old son during a search for a suspect.  The young man was not the teen police were seeking.  We'll share pictures of the young man's head wounds he says were inflicted by the cop.
On the political front tonight, the Democrat in the race for Alabama Attorney General released his income tax returns from last year.  James Anderson also asked his Republican opponent, Luther Strange to do the same.  We'll share the Strange camp's response.
And, the Social Security Administration tells 58-million recipients that there will be no cost of living increase again this year.  We'll talk with some seniors who are not pleased with the decision - but helpless to do anything about it.
Plus, Josh Johnson says there's rain on Doppler 12 StormVision Radar!  He'll have the full outlook for the next seven days.
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