Teen attacked and robbed on campus

October 12, 2010
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A Montgomery woman waits on the school system to help her deal with the aftermath of her son being beaten and robbed on the campus of Jeff Davis High School.
Another mother of a teenaged son has filed a formal complaint with the Montgomery Police Department accusing an officer of striking her son with a pistol.  She says her son had a gash in the top of his head and suffered a concussion. We'll tell you how the MPD is reacting.
The whole world is waiting anxiously to see the first of 33 trapped Chilean miners brought up from a half-mile below the surface.  Rescuers are doing some last minute maneuvers before beginning the operation that should take about two full days to complete.  We'll have live reports at 10.  And, by the way, you can watch continuous live coverage of the rescue on wsfa.com.
Dan Atkinson takes a look at the rain on the radar and Jeff Shearer talks about the man predicted to be the Atlanta Braves new manager.
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Bob H.