Teen's abuse allegation sets off internal investigation at MPD

Seandarius Savage
Seandarius Savage

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A 16-year-old boy says a Montgomery Police officer hit him in the head with a pistol when he was mistaken for a robbery suspect. The teen says he suffered a head wound and a concussion.

The teen's filed a formal complaint over the incident, and Wednesday said she was pleased with how the investigation was being handled.

Seandarius Savage says he was pulling into his cousin's driveway on Cramer Avenue last Thursday when two officers in an unmarked car, pulled up behind him.

"He told me to put my hands in the air first, I had my keys in my hand," Savage said.  "He was like get on the ground.  I dropped the keys, and as I was getting on the ground, he was coming on me, hit me across the head, fell across on the ground, and then put the handcuffs on me."

Savage says one of the officers had hit him with a pistol.

"I was like you busted my head, and he was like yeah, I busted your head and you're lucky I didn't shoot you," Savage said.

Savage says both officers left him there, without calling for help. Savage called his mother, Tammy Montgomery.

"I told him to go ahead and drive himself to the hospital, not thinking to call the medics," Ms. Montgomery said.  "But you know at that time, you don't be thinking what you're doing."

Ms. Montgomery says doctors determined her son had suffered a concussion and used medical staples to close the wound.

"I was shocked, because I know the Montgomery Police Department don't do things like that," Ms. Montgomery said.  "The first thing I'm thinking is they're here to protect us or whatever, and I never heard of them doing something that bad,"

After filing her complaint, Montgomery says she spoke with Acting Police Chief Kevin Murphy who told her the officers did not know the extent of Savage's injuries.

"He indicated the officer did leave him at the scene bleeding really bad, but they didn't know at the time, they had did something like that," Ms. Montgomery said.

Savage says he and his mother want the officer to apologize, but don't necessarily want him fired. The Montgomery Police Department would not comment, other than to confirm an internal investigation is ongoing.

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