Mom pleads for help after special needs son attacked at school

The child's mother talks with reporter Cody Holyoke about her son's attack.
The child's mother talks with reporter Cody Holyoke about her son's attack.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A 17-year-old boy is recovering after an attack at a Montgomery high school. "He was bleeding. His tooth was knocked out of place," explained Sherry Sullen, the boy's mother.

Sullen tells WSFA 12 News two boys sneaked up on her son outside Jeff Davis High School on September 16th, assaulted him, took his money, and ran off.

"The way he explained it to me, he was down on the ground, covering his head at that point when they were kicking him," Sullen explained.

Not knowing what to do, Ms. Sullen called police, who filed a report and arrested a 15 year old and a 17 year old.  Both teens are charged with second degree robbery.

That's not the only issue for the Sullen family.  Sherry now balances work and caring for her son, a special education student.

"My son has come this far to get his education, and now, he's uncomfortable going back to school simply because of this issue," she said.

Sullen says school administrators offered to transfer her two children from Jeff Davis to another school, but she says she couldn't choose the school she wanted because of overcrowding.

"I've called [the school system] more than 10 times," Sullen explained.

"I'm thinking they should be there getting an education. Not robbing and beating up other kids."

The spokesman for Montgomery Public Schools tells WSFA 12 News this is the first he's heard of the attack, which happened more than three weeks ago.

He did confirm an administrator called Ms. Sullen to discuss options for her son.

The attack took place after school had ended. School officials say they haven't heard of any other serious acts of violence on the Jeff Davis campus.

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