Air Force mom surprises young son after return from duty

Kaid and mom reunite after her months-long deployment.
Kaid and mom reunite after her months-long deployment.

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PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) - It was anything but an ordinary day at school for a Prattville boy Wednesday. His mother, who is in the Air Force, stopped at the boy's school to surprise him after she'd spent months overseas.

Master Sergeant Candis Winslow spent the last four months overseas and she has one final mission left. "I am so anxious...," she said.

Winslow was on her way to surprise son Kaid at Prattville Primary School. "I just don't know what he is going to say...if he will remember me...," she worried.

Kaid's reaction said it all, however. "Mommy!" he screamed from the lunchroom as she entered the room. The other children just watched.

Kaid, who was in complete shock thought it would be much closer to Halloween before his mom would make it home. He even had his own surprise for the return.

"I was going to hide in my closet and jump out and say 'surprise'," he explained.

Winslow got permission to take her son home early. "Where do you want to eat for dinner?" she asked. "You get to decide mommy!" he explained before giving her a big hug.

They're already making plans for a Halloween party, and one at Christmas too, but this happy homecoming isn't complete yet.

Kaid's dad, who also serves in the Air Force, is still overseas for two more months. It's rare for both parents to be deployed at the same time. Since the Winslows don't have family in the area, friends agreed to take care of Kaid and his little brother while the parents were serving in the military.

Candis Winslow says it will be at least 15 months before she is deployed again.

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