Editorial: Nationally Certified Teachers

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA)- Student success stories are on the rise. A program we editorially encouraged Montgomery to adopt – the Helping Montgomery Families Initiative - has helped reduce the number of Montgomery County public school students suspended for disciplinary reasons by nearly 3,000 the past two years.

Alabama leads the nation in Advanced Placement test score improvement with several Montgomery public high schools leading the way.

The number of nationally board certified teachers in classrooms increased by more than 400  statewide the past two years, to nearly 18-hundred total, helping increase student scores on year-end tests.

We encourage more teachers to take advantage of this professional development.

Montgomery County has nearly 2,000 teachers, 22 are nationally board certified. Elmore County has 649 teachers, 10 are nationally board certified. Autauga County has 660 teachers, 16 are nationally board certified.

The state picks up the application fee for those who pass a state selection process and gives the teacher a $5,000 a year pay raise for becoming nationally board certified.

It is a winning proposition for both teachers and students.

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